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03-26-2018 15:10 BJTAMMAN,

March 26 (Xinhua) --▓

rom the lo▓ngtime president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to his deput▓y Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi evolved into a regional conflict.With the Houthi rebel group joining the fight as well as an intervention by the coalition▓ troops led by Saudi

Arabia, Yemen has been dragged into a civil war which shows no sign of abating until today."It is fair to say today that every single girl and boy in Yemen is facing acute humanitarian needs," Cappelaere said, adding▓ that the war and underdevelopment had done "unfortuna▓tely nothing good" for the children.The official said there were 200,000 children suffering from severe malnutrition in 2015, already one of the h▓ighest numbers in the world by then.▓ Yet, the number has d


Three years of war

oubled in three years' time till now, according to Cappelaere.Acknowledging that the cholera outbreak in Yemen had been st▓emmed and that a vaccination campaign against diph

be a peaceful t

theria had been conducted in the past two weeks, the official said health and humanitarian workers both in Yemen and from the international community "should pause for a moment to be proud" of these achievements."But let's not fool ourselves," Cappelaere added, warning a comeback of the cholera▓ epidem

ic following the start of the rainy season in a few weeks. He called for "▓huge and immediate investments" to prevent the possible ou▓tbreak.Further elaborating on the worsening humanitarian situation in the war-torn country, Cappelae▓re said that close t

ransition of power f

o 2 million Yemeni children are▓ deprived of education, and that a large pr▓oportion of girls are forced to marry at early ages -- 75

percent of them before the age of 18 and half younger than 15."Sending your child to beg, sending your child to work, marr▓y(ing) your girl at an early age -- (these) ▓are not choices that any Yemeni father or mother want(s) to ▓make," Cappelaere said. "It is n

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